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The Sound Fund is a nonprofit organization and was established 1988 as a consequence of pollution and algal blooms. The main objective is to form a marine reserve that includes the entire Sound between Denmark and Sweden and also to act for a healthy marine environment.

This will be done through influencing the authorities, policy makers and the public. The Sound is one of the worlds most frequented sea areas as regarded to marine transportations. In this fast growing region live more than 4 millions of people.

The Sound has a very rich and unique marine life in the meeting between the Baltic and the Atlantic. Among threats for the Sound is exploitation of shallow areas, building of new marinas and using the Sound for wastewater from homes and industries. Today trawling is forbidden.

There is an urgent need of protection for this special environment.


Peter Göransson, Helsingborg
Chairman, marine biologist

Josephine Karlfelt, Helsingborg
Treasurer, marine biologist

Widar Narvelo, Helsingborg
Board member, ecologist

Olle Nordell, Landskrona
Board member, ecologist

Birger Emanuelsson, Lund.
Board member, ecologist

Sven Bertil Johnson, Lund
Board member, marine biologist and illustrator

Lars G Eriksson, Malmö
Board member, sociology of law

Elin Tiselius, Lund
Board member, marine biologist